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Restorative Justice heals those harmed by the effects of crime. Released offenders have limited ability to connect with post release care organizations. While post release prison programs provide a diversity of services, they have limited missions, and are not comprehensive. Consequently, released offenders have no support network to facilitate integration into society, resulting in continued criminal behavior and return to prison.

The human toll of recidivism is overwhelming. At the end of 2013, 1.5 million men and women were incarcerated in our State and Federal prisons. Of the 630,000 men and women released each year, over 400,000 return to prison. This means there are over 400,000 new crime victims. The cost to the offender families includes lost wages, separaton of parents and children and estrangement from community. Children with a parent in prison are more likely to become offenders themselves. Without restoration of individuals, families and communities, the spiral continues and society has an ever-increasing burden.

This is what we do.
Our ministry team does mentoring, leads life-changing classes in prison, and provide immediate post release support through the One Man's Treasure clothes closet. Several team members have become Certified Volunteer Chaplain's Assistants in the state of Texas. The goal is reduction of recidivism by placing released offenders into a community support network.